About Us

30 years Innovation Since 1983
Since 1983, Santoni India has been involved in providing better workplaces to humanity. Be it the aspect of safe guarding the health & lives of the people working in the industries, or creating a more profitable work space, Santoni has seen immense success.

Known for its innovative approach, the R&D team at Santoni is always encouraged to stay in-touch with the basic principles of engineering. This team is headed by our founder, Mr. A.K. Bhatia (B.Tech, IIT Delhi).

At the Heart of Change for the Better
SANTONI was the first company in India to dedicate itself to creating a more aware industrial workspace. Over these three decades, Santoni has encouraged its clients to see how dust collection & fume extraction systems don’t have to stay limited to the norm fixed by Government bodies. They can be aspects that actively contribute to the profitability of organizations.

Today, due to the efforts spearheaded by Santoni, the Indian industries invest on healthier, and yet more profitable workspaces.

Santoni offers a complete portfolio – be it dust collecting machines, fume extraction systems, bag filter houses, cartridge filter systems, micro dust capturing systems, cyclone dust collectors, gas scrubbers, and even special purpose machines for air pollution control.

Besides offering premium products, SANTONI also offers expert consultancy for the said fields.

Direct needs of the industry are met with various equipment, and Expert Consultancy by some of the most experienced people in the fields of industrial cleaning machines, dust & fume extraction systems, central vacuum systems etc.

Manufacturing Facility
Starting from R & D, Concept-Building, or the Final Manufacturing & Finishing of the products, SANTONI does it all in house. Manufacturing is at a well managed ISO 9001 Certified facility outside Delhi at Faridabad. It is being upgraded to meet the future requirements.

Extensive Quality Check Systems
Extensive Quality Checking mechanisms practiced in-house ensure that the smallest of components remain true to their design. Various techniques fully developed in house are used to verify these. A stringent and efficient mechanism has been set in place after years of experience to ensure that the procedures are followed.

Support Services
Complete after sales support is provided for all Santoni equipment Pan-India. This includes areas that are serviced by Santoni Certified Professionals.

Celebrating 32 Years – Quality Since 1983