Case Studies

Automotive Tire Manufacturing – Fume Extraction System for Banbury Mixers & Sheet Rollers
M/s JK Tyres, Kankroli Plant (RJ, India)

Case History
Rubber products in general, and tire industry in particular have electricity consumption as one of their biggest costs. When rubber is received as a raw material, it is heated & mixed with other components in a banbury mixer. This is followed by rollers that convert this material into a sheet. These processes generate massive amounts of heat & fumes. There were two fume extraction units in place, consuming 70 HP of power, and capturing less than 30% of generated fumes.

Solution Provided
Santoni provided a solution with well designed suction hoods & ducting, that consumes total power of only 10 HP.

The systems are running successfully, and the client has till now awarded orders to Santoni for 4 such lines. Almost 70% of the cost of manufacturing a tire goes towards electricity. Santoni Fume Extraction Systems are reducing this cost, leading to massive gains in profit.