Cartridge Filter Systems

Cartridge Filter Systems

Having developed solutions for over 12,000 varied applications spread over three decades; Santoni has been the first Indian Company to manufacture Cartridge Filter based Dust Collection Systems.

These systems are used for capturing with up to 99.97% efficiency material that is at times highly toxic, and highly expensive.

Used For:

  • Dust Sizes larger than 1µm
  • Toxic Material capture
  • High Value material capture
  • Where High Level of cleanliness required

Some Key Features are:

  • 99.97% Filtration Capability
  • Pleated shape is used to mount filter media
  • MoC: Special fine paper media cartridges
  • Vertical / Horizontal configuration possibilities
  • Re-Entrainment of dust avoided by pushing down dislodged dust by blasts of compressed air – this is Reverse Pulse Filter Cleaning System

Applications Handled:

  • Pharmaceutical & pesticide manufacture
  • Tissue & aqua culture
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry
  • High Quality Sugar Manufacture & Process
  • Decorative laminate manufacture
  • Diffusion Labs