Case Studies

Cricket Equipment Manufacturing – Central Wood Working Dust Collection System
M/s Sanspareils Greenlands Pvt. Ltd., Meerut (UP, India)

Case History
Be it a cricketing bat, wickets, bails, leather gloves, cricketing ball, etc.; there is a requirement of wood & leather. Wood is cut, polished, buffed, etc. leading to massive amounts of saw dust & wooden shavings. These create a very harmful work environment, leading to various illnesses among the workers. Besides that, it creates a big problem of collection of this waste/by-product.

Solution Provided
Santoni provided a centralized wood working dust collection system, with special suction hoods for various applications, connected to the system via a well-planned network of ducts.

Today, the system has been running successfully for over a decade, with zero release of saw dust in the air, while also capturing the wooden shavings. This reduces the work load of cleaning team, while also safeguarding the health of the employees.

After seeing the installations at SG, other large cricket equipment manufacturers, Sareen Sports (Meerut), World Wide Cricket Co. (Jalandhar), and F.C. Sondhi P. Ltd. (Jalandhar) also installed central wood working dust collectors designed & manufactured by Santoni.