Case Studies

Fume Extraction from CNC Plasma Cutting Tables – Central Automatic Fume Extraction System

Case History
CNC plasma tables are large – generally about 4.5m x 17m. This means extremely high power consumption systems are needed to capture the fumes generated by the plasma cutting tables.

Solution Provided
Santoni provided an ingenious solution. The table of 4.5m x 17m size was divided into 17 sections of 4.5m x 1m each. Ducts having pneumatically actuated doors connected to each of these sections. Doors were opened in sync with the movement of the plasma torches. Suction was provided only to the section above which the torch was located.

The power consumption for the fume extraction system was brought down to just 10 HP for such a massive area. Using a high efficiency process, the fumes are collected & extracted. The system is running successfully.