Fume Extraction Systems

Fume Extractor

The high success level of Santoni Fume Extraction systems can be attributed to the focus on proper engineering principles. These systems enable working in a clean, safe environment, while also proving to be a boon economically.

Multiple Filtration Stages:

  • Pre-filter – for large particle removal
  • Large Fine main filter – remove fine dust & fumes
  • Activated Carbon filter – remove final traces of fumes/odors


  • Soldering fumes, non-corrosive fumes
  • Acidic, alkaline & corrosive fumes can be captured with specific systems


  • Improved product quality – no hampering due to fumes
  • Reduced equipment down time
  • Save on cost of production
  • Create safer workplace
  • Improved productivity of operators, hence increased profitability

Features of Santoni FUMEX Range:

  • Sturdy metal body – options of MS, SS 316, SS 304, FRP
  • Triple Filtration process
  • Contaminated air enters from lower portion, thus ensuring large particles removed by Pre-Filter do not clog the filter
  • High Suction dynamically balanced centrifugal blower used