Gas Scrubbers

Gas Scrubbers

In various industries, there is a need to treat various types of fumes generated from many processes. Be it fumes from a boiler or acidic fumes or even sticky fumes, all can be cleaned using Santoni Gas Scrubbers.

About Gas Scrubbers:

  • Using the turbulence in gas flow, a scrubbing solution is made to interact with the gas – this removes the contaminants (which may be a gas, solid, fume or aerosol)
  • Handling of corrosive & toxic materials is possible
  • High Temperature gases can also be handled

Santoni Gas Scrubber Development Process:

  • Various parameters of application are studied to determine the most suitable scrubbing method
  • Equipment is completely custom designed as per application at hand
  • Material of Construction – can be MS, SS 304, SS 316, Poly Propylene, FRP, etc.
  • Capacity can be determined based on need

Technologies Available:

  • Packed Bed Scrubber
  • Venturi Scrubber
  • Combination of Venture based & Packed Bed Scrubber
  • Spray Tower Scrubber
  • Cyclone Scrubber
  • Orifice & Plate Scrubber
  • Fluidized Bed Scrubber


  • Toxic fumes can be sucked & neutralized
  • SOx & NOx can be removed from boiler/furnace gases
  • Acidic Fumes from pickling, electroplating, etc. can be removed
  • Chromic Acid Recovery from Hard Chroming process, or chrome plating plants
  • Dust, Fumes & gases can be treated simultaneously
  • Sticky fume handling