Case Studies

Gold from Ambient Air – Cartridge Filter System
M/s Vaibhav Gems, Jaipur (RJ, India)

Case History
Santoni is the preferred supplier of dust collection for precious metal industries – but this was a different project. Here, gold dust particles were to be collected from ambient air.

Solution Provided
Santoni worked in collaboration with Blue Star (Chilled air supplier). They installed the cold air delivery ducts, while Santoni provided the return air ducts. These had ultra smooth internals, with high velocity air. Cartridge Filter System was used to remove the gold dust from this air.

With special Cartridge Filter element from Nordic, Denmark, efficiency of collection was 99.99% (for particle size down to 1µ), and 86.6% (for particle size down to 0.3µ). Super clean air was provided for the workers, while also generating profits by the collected gold for the client. The system is running successfully since many years.