Profitable Dust Collection

What Does the Dust Do?

When we think of a manufacturing process that generates dust,

Here’s what this dust is & does:

large filter surface
The dust could be precious metal going to waste
large filter surface
This dust spoils the quality of the product
large filter surface
This dust enters moving component of production equipment
large filter surface
This dust affects employee health – including those sitting in “closed, air-conditioned” rooms

SANTONI – Helping You Make Money from DUST

The dust could be recyclable – then it’s not surprising that it could contribute significantly to profitability if the dust were captured & re-used

What if it’s not recyclable material – can it still be profitable to collect this dust?

YES! Here’s How:

When this dust flies around, it also enters the moving parts of production equipment, causing:

  • Undue wear – and thus reduction in life
  • More breakdowns
  • Increased down time
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Reduced accuracy / precision
  • Reduced productivity

There is more.

This Dust sits on or gets mixed with YOUR PRODUCT. That affects:

  • Its finish
  • Its quality
  • Reduces its performance
  • Reduces Life & durability
  • Increases Rejections

What Can be Done?

1. Identify the Source of the dust
Is it could be coming from outside, or being generated within?

2. Is it possible to isolate dust-generating process from non-dust generating process?
If yes, do it immediately, to at least reduce the problems caused by the dust

3. Contact SANTONI with the details. We will provide the most efficient solution. Give us some data, drawings & pictures to get us started.
We can be contacted via our website, or on email (, or on phone (+91-11-26277210, 26276478, 26272483, +91-129-4040972).

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