Case Studies

Rubber Footwear Manufacturing – Central Dust Collection & Fume Extraction System for Various Processes
M/s Relaxo Footwear, Bhiwadi (RJ) & Bahadurgarh (HR) Plants, India

Case History
There are various processes where massive amounts of fumes are generated – rubber mixing, sheet rollers, sole presses, strap presses etc. The heat generated is so intense, that in peak summers, the indoor area temperature could shoot up to 55 deg C. For a company with massive surge in demand month on month, the pressure to perform is high, but such temperatures mean employee morale (and hence performance) suffers.

Solution Provided
Santoni has provided massive systems that work towards extracting the fumes. And, as always, Santoni has achieved all of this with the least power consumption.

The systems are running successfully, and the client has awarded Santoni with multiple repeat orders for fume & dust collection units – coverage is nearly 100% with Santoni pollution control systems