Special Purpose Pollution Control Systems

Over the last three decades, Santoni has been involved in providing solutions for some very unique dust & fume control problems faced by industries.

Special Purpose Machines have been developed for:

  • For recovery of expensive materials
  • Protection of production machinery
  • Protecting End product from impurities
  • Ensure safe working environment, pertaining to OHSAS 18001 norms
  • Automated removal of dust & fumes
  • Make handling safer & simpler
  • Prevent spreading of toxic materials
  • Prevent downtime of equipment
  • Prolong precision working life of equipment

Special Purpose Equipment from Santoni can help with:

Jewellery Industry – Recovery of Precious Metals
Santoni has developed several SPMs for buffing, polishing processes – a lot of Gold, Silver, and Brass etc. flies around and is trapped by the Santoni SPMs. This leads to increased profitability, and also creates a safer work environment.

CNC Plasma Cutting Table
Complete removal of dust & fumes, with minimal energy consumption. Solutions for complete air based dust & fume removal from CNC plasma cutting tables have been developed and are working successfully at various client sites.

CNC Routers in Wood Working & Electronic Products Industries
Improving the finished product quality by ensuring super clean working environment

CNC Work Stations – Graphite Components
During manufacture of these components, there is release of a lot of dust & fumes, which pose a threat to quality of end products. This problem can be contained with Santoni SPMs.

Surface Grinding, Polishing & Buffing Operations
The dust generated by these processes can be effective captured right at the source point using Santoni Special Purpose Dust Collection Systems. These lead to multiple tangible & intangible benefits

Toxic Material Handling SPMs
Santoni has developed & supplied various equipment to clients for the safe handling of toxic material of diverse varieties.

Printing Industry
SPMs for removal of excess sprayed starch, or toner, during a lot of printing operations.

Art Paper Manufacturing Industry
The process of cotton roll turning generates particles that act as impurities for the end product – this situation is effective managed by Santoni SPMs

Food Industry – Cleaning Before Processing
Various stages of food manufacture require the feed to be cleaned off various impurities – this is achieved effectively with Santoni SPMs. Besides this, multiple processes require control of spread of generated material – many SPMs have been developed for this.

Textile Industry – Fluff & Lint Removal
There is generation of list & fluff from most processes pertaining to textile segment – they could be seamless knitting machines with high levels of sophistication, or simply general textile mills. This can be captured and prevented from entering production equipment.

Rubber Industry (Tires, Footwear, etc.) – Fumes & Carbon Black Removal
Santoni has developed SPMs for removal of fumes from rubber sheet making process for tire manufacturing industry. This has been achieved always with minimum power consumption.

Electronics – Soldering Fumes, PCB Drilling, Plastic Waste
Harmful fumes & waste can be effectively captured with minimum consumption of electricity using Santoni SPMs